Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Pat.

I'm a sports & wildlife photographer that currently hails from the great state of Florida, but travels the world in search of the best still shots in true action.

If you happen to see anything that you like, or know of something you're looking for, do not hesitate to ask me for it.

A little more about me

Long Story, Short...

I grew up fishing in the New York-New Jersey area, developing a passion for sports photography at Notre Dame. My first article appeared in Salt Water Sportsman Magazine in 1969, and I've since contributed to all major fishing publications. I've set over two dozen IGFA World Records and chaired the Golden Fly Invitational for 13 years. Now retired, I represent the IGFA in North America and have authored several books on fly fishing. I host fishing trips globally—join me on an adventure.

Connected By Water EP. 175

I had the pleasure of joining Dennis Friel on his podcast, Connected By Water. It's always enlightening to chat with Dennis; he really digs deep into the stories and experiences that have shaped my journey. This time around, we explored what initially brought me to South Florida and, more intriguingly, what made me stay. Every visit to Dennis's studio is a reminder of the vibrant and insightful conversations we share.

Connected By Water EP. 154

This episode of Connected By Water was truly special, as I joined alongside my good friend, Rufus Wakeman. Both of us have cast lines in waters across the globe, and this time, we dived into our recent adventure to the "right island" of the Galápagos, where we fly fished for Marlin. We also discussed the evolving dynamics of the Florida fishery—a topic close to both our hearts. With the wealth of stories and experiences Rufus and I share, we could have easily filled several hours.